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Mantra Energy Vortex Healing

28 august, 2018 Blog

Mantra Energy Vortex Healing

MANTRA ENERGY VORTEX (MEV) : An Advanced Healing Science. MEV is one of the most powerful techniques that can be used in Healing World to shift energies and to manifest Divine intent for our highest good.

This is the modern form of thousands of years old science of creating “Energy Vortex” from the ancient Indian Tantric treaties. This is the science through which divine energies of any Mantra or Yantra can be projected for manifestation.

What makes MEV so unique that this energy whirlpool can channel not only very powerful healing energies, but is also comprised by power of Mantras and the viberations of Yantras (here, called MANTRA ENERGY RADIATORS).

It is a very effective & powerful combination of ancient techniques rediscovered in modern way that uses power of Mantras, Yantras and Universal Prana energies to heal all aspects of our life. The sacred ancient techniques using Universal Prana energy and energies of five elements are integrated to magnify, strengthen and channelize the powerful energies of Mantra and energy vortex.

Healing with MEV Level 1 (INR 300/- per session)

  1. For Self-healing & the healing of others.
  2. For instant Aura cleansing
  3. For cleansing, healing & balancing Chakras

Healing with MEV Level 2 (INR 600/- per session)

  1. Enhanced Healing by using Specific Form energies of sacred symbols called “Mantra Energy Radiators” with the energies of vortex & mantras.
  2. Shield yourself, others, your home, shop & other belongings .
  3. Balance ‘Ida’, ‘Pingla’ & ‘Sushumna’ energy Channels, and Iccha, Kriya and Gyaan shaktis for easy manifestations.
  4. Balance the Vatta, Pitta and Kapha in body by balancing the Tamas, Rajas and Sattva gunas, that helps in physical, mental and emotional healing.
  5. Intense cord-cutting, removing all Etheric & Karmic cords.
  6. Clearance of a space( house, shop, factory etc.) from all kinds of negative energies & entities.
  7. Removal of all kind of negativity – Evil eye effect, Black magic effect etc

1st session includes counselling and getting to know your issue in person or over the call. Then, you can go for daily healing session - in person or distant.

Minimum 9 to 21 sessions are recommended to see the tangible results, depending on since how long the cause has been.

Duration - 5 sessions of 20 minutes each

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Commitments -

Parent Service - Healing

Price - 5400

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