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TRUE Astrology

28 august, 2018 Blog

TRUE Astrology

By appointment only. Please call me and only then make the payment for this service.

Astrology explores the meaningful connection between mankind and the wider cosmos, the relationship between the movements of the planets and the inner world of human consciousness and motivation.

Please watch above video to know briefly about Astrology and what it can do for you. The video will remove many doubts and misconceptions about astrology held since years.

What you will get

  • Detailed understanding of your birth chart and your detailed personality type out of 186 type of personalities.
  • Your Astronality i.e. Astro Personality in which key points will be mentioned in a line or two about what makes you happy and work at optimum in different roles, like - Boss, Lover, Spouse, Child, Parent, Colleague,
  • How the marriage will be for you (if unmarried)
  • What should be your stand in your marriage (if married already)
  • Timelines of your life (how your life will pass depending on the transits of the planets)
  • What you can do to manage your life in a much better way?
  • Ideal occupation for you
  • Any other questions that you have..

What you will not get:

  • Exact date / time / month of your marriage / job change or anything that you want to know. As future cannot be predicted with precision by any method.
  • Details about your future life partner
  • Solutions in the form of stones to wear, mantras to chant, grahas to worship etc. As I believe that you have to face your Karma, it's unavoidable. What I can help you with is maturity to face it with comfort and ease.

Duration - 1 hour

Pre - Requisites -

Tag - Divination

Commitments -

Parent Service - Astrology

Price - 3700

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