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Be Your Own Numerologist

28 august, 2018 Blog

Be Your Own Numerologist

Numerology is predictive science like astrology but far simpler and it's easy to implement the remedies by name correction, carrying a talisman, awareness about certain personality traits etc.

What is covered in your report:

  1. Psychic number and it's detailed description along with precautions to take, if any
  2. Destiny Number and what does it mean for you,
  3. Soul Urge number & it's significance in your life,
  4. Astro- Numero number ( brief description of your personality)
  5. Personality Number,
  6. Pinnacle Number,
  7. Challenge Number,
  8. Cycle Number,
  9. Name Number along with corrections in name, if required
  10. Meaning of the first letter of your name
  11. Lucky Numbers
  12. Lucky Crystals
  13. Numerological Compatibility
  14. Remedies using Pythagorean boxes, Graphotherapy, Colour therapy, Talisman (Yantra and Tantra) and much more.
  15. Predictive Numerology - know about your coming year, month, day, hour and even minutes!
  16. Brief description of numbers 0 to 9 to help you understand how you can utilize Numerology to your benefit in life.

What is required:

Your date of birth and the name that you use generally. Also, all the important numbers that you use in life - like mobile, house, office, Car, Bank Account, Driving License etc.

Duration - 2 hours

Pre - Requisites -

Tag - Divination

Commitments -

Parent Service - Numerology

Price - 11999

Venue - Mumbai

Time -


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