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Graphology (Advanced) Workshop

28 august, 2018 Blog

Graphology (Advanced) Workshop

The advanced graphology course covers analysis of individual letters and traits in handwriting in more detail. You will come to know about the writers house, finances, sexuality, food habits, family and relatives, surroundings etc. Connect with me to know more.

Glimpse of topics covered:
1. Recap of basic graphology,
2. Journey of individual letters
3. Unusual formations meaning like - strokes, pastocity,
4. Various type of letter formations and how to interpret their meanings (all 26 letters),
5. Graphotherapy 
6. Guidance on how to prepare detailed Handwriting analysis & signature analysis report.
7. Guidance on how, when, where & which graphotherapy exercise to use.

Duration - 6 days

Pre - Requisites -

Tag - Graphology

Commitments -

Parent Service - Graphology

Price - 19000

Venue - Mumbai

Time -


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