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Aura Expert Certification Course

28 august, 2018 Blog

Aura Expert Certification Course

AURA is the energetic field surrounding the body of a person and is related to the 7 chakras. Working on the aura helps to look young, get rid of black magic, negativity and bad habits, and can also correct planets!


Some Life-Changing Benefits of This Program

• Become a certified Aura Expert and attain higher levels of spirituality
• You’ll be able to cleanse your aura as well as others’ professionally
• You’ll learn to see an aura and the chakras on the screen, in person and in pictures with your naked eyes
• Learn to cleanse aura and chakras, balance chakras and much more
• Get equipped to cleanse your aura as and when required
• You’ll know how to get rid of black magic, negativity, bad habits, etc.
• Learn to make natural ayurvedic, aura cleansing, and anti-aging face pack, and aromatic aura cleansing salts, and the process to energize these products.
Receive the guided aura and chakra cleansing, healing and expanding meditation

Duration - 6 hours

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Price - 11000

Venue - Online

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