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EFT & TFT Workshop

28 august, 2018 Blog

EFT & TFT Workshop

What you'll learn
1. Discover the fascinating subject of the EFT & TFT tapping therapies and apply it at a Practitioner level
2. Help others to rid themselves of negative and disempowering emotions
3. Understand how and why EFT & TFT Tapping works.
4. Lessen and alleviate pain in themselves and others through tapping.
5. ADDED BONUS: As an added bonus you are also getting the tapping strategies of one of the latest models of EFT - EFT Energy Tapping - included within the course!

The two most prominent “meridian techniques” in the world are the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Thought Field Therapy (TFT).

The Emotional Freedom Technique was developed by Gary Craig in the early to mid-nineties based on the earlier technique Thought Field Therapy which was developed by Dr. Roger Callahan. In 1991, Gary was one of the first people to study under Dr. Callahan to the highest TFT level (known as "Voice Technology") and used TFT for some time before he developed his "streamlined version" of the original technique.

It is important to note that TFT and EFT have both continued to develop and evolve independently since the emergence of EFT in the early-to-mid nineties. Gary Craig openly acknowledges in his EFT Manual that EFT is directly based on Dr. Roger Callahan’s pioneering and insightful work. The TFT web site is at

The biggest difference between the two techniques is that TFT uses a different tapping sequence (known as an "algorithm") for each of a number of problem categories (such as anger, guilt, anxiety, etc.), whereas EFT employs the same tapping sequence (or a shortcut version of it) for every emotion or emotional problem. In TFT, each problem category has its own unique algorithm or set of algorithms (as some categories also have alternative algorithms within the same category such as obsessions, which has three algorithms).

In TFT, there is a HUGE emphasis on only tapping on the prescribed acupoints for a particular problem category (such as anger) and only in the prescribed sequence. Each unique sequence (algorithm) is likened to “a code that opens a combination lock”.

In EFT, the sequence is not considered to be important at all. It is the tapping itself that is seen as important, not the sequence. You tap on the same set of (about 14) acupoints (or a sub-set thereof) regardless of the emotion, trauma or problem being worked on. This is usually in the same sequence, but only because it's easy to remember. It can be any sequence or in any order. If all the points are tapped on, the acupoint or acupoints that are relevant to the current problem/emotion get tapped on by default.

TFT is more complex because of these multiple tapping sequences, one or more for each of the prescribed problem categories. Consequently, it is harder to learn, remember and apply than EFT. TFT also requires more skill to apply as there are over 20 problem categories to choose from (as taught in the level I and II TFT training) and you can only tap on the specified acupoints using the prescribed algorithms - unless you are trained to Level III or IV which are confidential, rather expensive (e.g. $100,000 US for level IV) and are reportedly not available in many countries.

Duration - 1 day

Pre - Requisites -

Tag - Healing

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Parent Service - Healing

Price - 11000

Venue - Mumbai

Time - 9am to 6pm


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