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Basic Graphology Workshop

28 august, 2018 Blog

Basic Graphology Workshop

The course is beneficial for :
- Individuals who are keen to understand their core nature and reason behind it.
- Anyone with an interest in the field of psychology / counselling / sales / Law.
- Entrepreneurs
- People interested in finding and understanding their partners.
- Improving parental skills.
- Aspiring life coaches.
- Teachers


It will help you understand thoughts and feelings of everyone from a child to an adult.

Do a complete SWOT analysis of an individual.

Understand the approach towards personal relationships and work.

Understand the true desires occupying the person's mind.

Know the hidden fears and anxieties affecting the person, especially those which cannot be openly expressed.


The course shall cover:
1. Introduction and scope of graphology.

2. Concept of 0 and 1 programming.

3. Basic Gestalt:
i. Margins,
ii. Zones,
iii. Size,
iv. Spacing,
v. Baseline,
vi. Pressure - extensors & flexors, pastocity, club strokes,
vii. Slants,
viii. Connections
ix. Strokes

4. Basic Traits - individual letters.

5. Signature Analysis - basic

The syllabus is aimed at knowing yourself better, creating a better awareness of your own personality. All the tools required for effectively analyzing a handwriting sample are shared right away.

Duration - 6 days

Pre - Requisites -

Tag - Healing

Commitments -

Parent Service - Graphology

Price - 19000

Venue - Mumbai

Time - 9am to 6pm


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