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Sushant's Story


“When you start to follow your passion; you fulfil your purpose in life.”

Such is the story of Sushant Shhah – whose passion drove him to his purpose of bringing transformation in the lives of others and helping them achieve their fullest potential.

Since childhood Sushant was always interested in reading and learning new subjects. He has read more than 500 books on mind psychology, mystics of the universe, spirituality, physical and emotional fitness and self-help. His mind always wondered about life in general – the journey, the longevity, the health, the successes and the failures. He was always curious about the ways in which human life functioned. This led him to seek answers to some of the “Why’s” of life.

Why did some people excel in their career and some become miserable?
Why some people lived 100 years and some died an early death?
Why relationships were the way they were?
Why there was pain and suffering in the world and what can be done about it?

Sushant was on a quest, where he knew that the answers were present. You just had to find them.
He holds a successful career of almost 9 years in the finance industry in various fields such as Consulting, Import Export, Engineering, Hospitality, Real Estate, EPC and Entertainment with renowned names like Mirah Hospitality, Dodsal Group & Bookmyshow.

Besides his job, his passion to discover the mysteries of life led him to start learning various courses. He started with NLP (Neuro Linguistic programming) and since then has mastered more than 33 transformative modalities. Some of them namely, Access Consciousness, Graphology, Astrology, Numerology, Law of Attraction and Subconscious Mind Mastery, Tarot, EFT (Emotional Freedom technique), Lama Fera, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Ho’oponopono, Past Life healing and Louise Hay’s work. The Landmark Curriculum for living, Landmark communication curriculum, Vipassana, living in austere existence with his guru for 90 days in complete silence – these gave him major insights and realizations about what works best for living the life at optimum.

His philosophies helped him cope with the personal struggles of life and he came to a conclusion that most of the hardships of life can be faced better when you are equipped with the right tools. All you need is a little guidance.
After a few initial months of consulting friends and family members, Sushant slowly started expanding and thus came to life ‘Occultgyaan.’
He has till date successfully transformed more than 500 lives globally.

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“Life is more than what meets the eye.”
Through the science of finding the unknown, Occultgyaan’s sole purpose is to help you lead a life to the fullest potential by decoding the complexities of life.




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